We Are All a Product of Our Experiences

My Background

My own career, like many of yours, has followed a winding path. I’ve experienced several of the same scenarios and challenges my clients face. Becoming an ICF-certified leadership coach has allowed me to integrate a diverse range of the skills acquired on that journey. Previous chapters have included working as a corporate attorney, fundraising for nonprofit organizations, managing a custom design business and training in psychology, cognitive behavioral sciences and art therapy.

Each move was intentional, creating an opportunity to grow and learn new things. But that doesn’t mean the twists and turns were always easy. Life has an uncanny way of delivering curveballs and surprises along the way. Some events fill us with joy, others bring grief, confusion and mixed emotions. Change is hard work. Sometimes it requires us to make tough decisions, and other times it asks us to look at things differently to find creative solutions. I believe it’s worth personally investing in these choices because the greatest design project any of us can embark upon is our own life.

Nicola Davies, J.D., ACC
Leadership Coach and Art Director

“I have learned so much from working with Nicola. She is a tremendous force for the good, the joyful and the meaningful.”

My Mission

I founded Create Next Steps to support and inspire people as they navigate their own transitions, both personal and professional.

On occasion, we can see the whole path unfolding ahead. At other times, careful thought and courage are required just to figure out how to take the first step.

Working together, developing a deep level of trust in each other and the process, inspires me. This vocation has led me to a place where art and science meet: the intersection of relationships, creativity and intellectual challenge. It has given me the privilege of walking alongside some amazing individuals and shown me that we are all still learning, still becoming. For that, I am grateful.

My Approach

Change is about more than self-reflection and making a plan; it’s also about taking action.

My approach to leadership coaching blends active listening, analytical thinking and creative problem solving. I offer an in-depth, strength-based method that is customized to help you achieve the outcomes you seek.

Whether you have specific challenges to address, lifestyle changes to navigate or dreams you are ready to pursue—you have the strengths, skills and wisdom to realize your goals. My role is to provide a safe space for your learning and to be a thought-partner on your journey forward. You can count on me to both support and challenge you as you seek insights, experiment and create a new path.

What does that look like?
The process is unique to you. Some of the ways I help include:

  • Asking thought-provoking questions.
  • Nudging you past your comfort zone.
  • Supporting your experiments.
  • Orienting you toward helpful resources.
  • Shining light on your blind spots and hidden strengths.
  • Helping you break big challenges into purposeful increments.
  • Encouraging authentic self-expression.
  • Holding you accountable to your goals.

All of this takes strategy and focus—on both of our parts! This is as much a creative exercise as an analytical one, and whether we’re confronting hard truths or exploring new possibilities, you’ll be taking meaningful steps toward the goals that matter most to you.

Finding the right partner to help you on your journey is as much about personal rapport as credentials and methods. Here’s a look at the ever-evolving design project that is me.

I am…

Big picture and details.
Analytical and Intuitive.
A creative invitation.
Inspired by joy, discovery and friendship.
Laughing when I can
and serious when I need to be.
In awe of my husband and son.
A better person with faith and grace.
Learning that less is more.
In love with the sunshine
and inspired by the sea.
Bursting with ideas.
Comfortable with quiet.
Creating my story.
Interested in yours.

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